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April 18, 2018 Comments Off on Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Colour Collection Online Safe Replica Bags Yves Saint Laurent Replica Bags

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Colour Collection Online Safe Replica Bags


I have gotten plenty of questions relating to this Saint Laurent wallet on chain in caviar leather, and had been waiting to use it longer prior to performing an official review. Long story short, I am in love with it and find it to be both amazing and more importantly, super functional!My Chanel caviar wallet on series (see my review) is one of my top three favourite bags in my whole wardrobe, so I was thrilled to locate a similar functional, convertible purse in a different color scheme. For all my excursions this season I have been packing this one with me it functions well as a cross-body for casual wear (above) and clutch for more formal events (ie. I take this tote everywhere and have had a couple of mishaps with food and drink, but thankfully that which has wiped right off. The interior of the bag has plenty of little details for organization, quite similar to the interior of this Chanel WOC….There are slots for over 20 cards, a larger pocket behind the back row of card slots, yet another bigger pocket which my reduced thumb is holding shut by accident, and a small zippered compartment. The chain strap is detachable and snaps on and off. In comparison, the Chanel WOC strap doesn’t come off so I simply tuck it inside when using it as a clutch. Having the ability to eliminate it having to tuck in is a good option to have, when every bit of inside room is valuable!I usually carry the following interior: phone, keys, coins, bunch of cards, sunglasses (only case-less or very slender cases such as the Ray Ban ones will match), and makeup essentials such as eyeliner, lip balm, and concealer.Although the measurement of this Saint Laruent bag is notably bigger at 9″ span x″ height, it turns out the Chanel WOC does expand quite a little in depth and may possibly match the same amount of things.


Chanel launched the Christmas make-up collection, Dior counter-attacked with their Golden Winter make-up collection and Yves Saint Laurent Horn Bag Replica followed with the La Lacque Couture Colour collection. Colors are brought to life and ready to polish your nails. Rainbow doesn’t even have as much colors as Saint Laurent’s Christmas collection. Change your nails as much as you change your bag, they are pretty, sleek and luxurious, 25 kinds of timeless shades that you can use any time, it never goes out of style. This could be your best Christmas gift ever. For £395.00 at Selfridges.