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The History of the Best Lady Dior Bag Replica

September 9, 2016 Comments Off on White Leather Lady Dior Medium Cannage Bag Replica Online Dior Replica Bags

White Leather Lady Dior Medium Cannage Bag Replica Online

Cristian Dior Lady Cannage Bag

It soon became a symbol of royalty and grace. Every woman on earth wanted to own one and even now, after decades, this beautiful Lady Dior Medium Cannage Bag Replica is loved and desired by millions of fashionistas. At that time, the purse was unreleased and the publicity it received thanks to Princess Diana determined Christian Dior to name it “Lady Dior”. This changed everything. Its beginnings are connected to one of the most modern and loved princesses: Lady Diana. In 1995, Lady D received as gift one of the latest Cannage bags.Lady Dior Cannage is a bag with a rich history.

Cristian Dior Lady Cannage Bag

It was an ugly and large grayish scratch on my brand new white Lady Dior bag replica. Obviously, in those photos all replicas look perfect, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that what you get will be the same.I have recently bought a replica of the Lady Dior Medium White bag and I am going to tell you everything there is to know about this imitation purse. You order something online only based on some beautiful professional photos. Sadly, in my case I discovered with great disappointment that my replica had a huge scratch on the top side, where the zipper closes. This wasn’t a minor defect that no one can see or a small flaw that you can hide. The first thing you need to know about it is that buying a replica can be very tricky.

It is the perfect purse for business, shopping, special events or casual meetings. It is one of my favorite bags of all time and even though it comes in various sizes, like mini, medium, large and Xlarge, the one I prefer most is the medium size version. For me, the medium size Lady Dior in white is the most practical and functional one.The Cristian Dior Lady Cannage Bag is an elegant tote bag made from smooth lambskin leather and its surface is adorned with geometric quilted motifs.

This beautiful cannage geometrical motif can be found on all sorts of colored bags made from numerous different materials such as denim, suede, patent leather, satin, lamb skin, ostrich, calfskin and crocodile. It is very preferred by luxury purse brands as it gives an extra touch of originality and elegance to the overall look of the bags. For those who are not familiar with cannage fabrics, let me explain: this is a special type of flat quilting. The outside of the bag is made from the most delicate lambskin leather with a resolutely refined glow, featuring the iconic cannage pattern.The most important characteristic of the dior bag replica is the smoothness of the leather.