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Top quality navy blue celine phantom bag replica

navy blue celine phantom bag replica

Do not be fooled by thick and robust fabrics because navy blue celine phantom bag replica use such a type of leather for its high end Phantom Satchel line.At the exterior, the most important detail that defines a good Celine Phantom Satchel replica is the smoothness of the leather. The leather needs to be soft so that the “wings” can fold in naturally. The original Celine is made from incredibly delicate and soft leather, so much smoother than the one used on the Celine luggage bags.

Celine Phantom Satchel replica

It will accommodate all your important possessions without any difficulties. It does wonders for those of you who have a very active and outgoing life style, always on the run.The first thing you need to know is that the Celine Phantom Satchel comes in two sizes: the large Phantom is 35x24x31cm while the small Phantom is 35x30x24cm. As you have noticed, the measurements are in centimeters because the purses are manufactured in Italy. For me, the large size is the most reasonable choice.

Unfortunately, the Celine Phantom Satchel replica I am reviewing has a very discrete stitching that cuts right through the middle of the base.Depending on the manufacturing year, the base of the bag either has or does not have four square shaped metallic studs. Also, the authentic bag will never have any stitching across the bottom side.

This should read out “CELINE PARIS” with an accent on the first “e”. Also, the letters need to be clearly defined and easy to read.On the top front part of the bag there is the Celine logo that should always be stamped, not printed.

And because I strongly believe that every gal deserves to feel this way even though she doesn’t have a fortune to spend on designer bags, I will present a very useful guide for finding an exact replica of this exceptional Celine purse. Whether you are wearing the original one or a replica, as long as it looks authentic you will be feeling like the center of attention.So what’s not to love about this fabulous Celine Phantom purse? It has it all: looks, functionality and fame.

There is no woman with a decent fashion sense that does not want to own one. Personally, I love the Navy Blue version and for me it is the perfect example of class, luxury and versatility.Nowadays, the Celine Phantom Satchel is one of the most popular bags around. Due to its unusual winged shape it has captured everyone’s attention instantly and it has turned into a real sensation.

What’s the best way to find out if your Celine replica handbag has too long handles? You will never guess it! Just try it on your shoulder. The handles of the original Celine Phantom measure about 4.5-5 inches so these will never fit on your shoulder, unless you are incredibly skinny or petite. If the purse fits then this means that it is a poorly made replica.