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March 23, 2018 Comments Off on The Ultimate Guide: Dior Timeless Bags Wholesale Replica Dior Replica Bags

The Ultimate Guide: Dior Timeless Bags Wholesale Replica


Dior Classic Bags



Lady Dior Bag

Ah, the Lady Dior bag; the epitome of class and fashion that’s captured the hearts of beautiful women across the world for years. This classic piece- verging on legendary- made its first appearance on the arm of Princess Diana, whom immediately fell in love with the gorgeous stitching of the bag, ordering the beloved accessory in every color imaginable. She wore it everywhere and it quickly gained popularity in the industry, immediately becoming an ‘IT’ bag. The exquisite exterior features a divine quilted pattern to make the shape of polished diamonds, its official name being ‘cannage’. The addition of the signature bejeweled D.I.O.R. letters and delightful dazzling charms sets this bag apart from the rest, becoming an instant eye-catching accessory that’s easily recognizable as the Lady Dior. Available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and even embellishments, any woman can find a Lady Dior bag that suits her style. If there’s ONE bag you own- make it the coveted Lady Dior.


Miss Dior Bag

The Miss Christian Dior Garment Bag Replica Bags are an iconic line from Dior featuring a contemporary style with the beloved cannage stitching that Dior is famous for. For those Dior lovers that want the Lady Dior in the shoulder bag version, the Miss Dior Bag is the perfect choice.


Miss Christian Dior Ultradior Bag Replica Promenade Bag

Miss Dior Promenade Bag is the ideal everyday bag or evening bag for fancy nights on the town. Featuring the lovely cannage stitching with contrasting leather trim for a divine and refined finish, the Miss Dior Promenade Bag is available in a wide variety of colors to suit your needs. It’s rather small in stature but has plenty of room for everyday essentials including your wallet, cellphone, and lip gloss. With the addition of a removable chain strap in either silver or gold with dazzling, dangling Dior charms, it’s a versatile piece that can be worn on the shoulder, as a crossbody accessory, or a clutch. Dive into this contemporary style- it matches with almost any wardrobe and makes for a lovely accessory.


Dior New Lock Pouch Bag (discontinued)

Understated yet elegant, the Christian Dior Bags Website Replica New Lock Pouch Bag is a divine accessory with a box-like appearance that’s functional and fun. Inspired by the New Look designed by Christian Dior in 1947, this lovely, smaller-sized accessory features the signature cannage stitching available in a wide range of materials like patent and calfskin. A removable metal chain means utmost versatility for this everyday purse, easily doubling as a shoulder bag and a clutch. The pouch has plenty of room for must-have accessories on the interior, kept safe with a cute flap closure with a dazzling metal clasp. A larger size of this bag- known as the Dior New Lock Bag- was released for those seeking a slightly roomier accessory with the same style, but was discontinued in 2012.

Difference Christian Dior Yellow Bag Replica Promenade Clutch Bag and Dior New Lock Pouch
I compensated for a counter excellent replica, meaning the bag is as near to the real deal as possible — if you’ve been reading the site previously you know I do not like to mess around with bad fakes — they’re a waste of cash in my view & I am purchasing the bag to last so long as the original so I only shop for the very best. The qualities of this specific bag that make it counter caliber comprise the leather quality, the hardware quality, the stitching, the inside of the bag, and the general texture of this bag. I will go into detail about those details under:The leather of the bag is genuine lambskin leather and I must tell you it is uber supple. Genuine lambskin leather ought to have a superb buttery feel and also the leather on this bag gets a significant pass in regards to the standards. The leather is very comparable to the Chanel classic flap string that ought to also be super butter-y. Should you buy a bad fake with imitation leather that would ruin the whole look of this bag as the quality of the leather will be visible from a mile away.Good excellent hardware ought to be as thick as the first. Some manufacturers have lighter hardware while others have a heavier hardware. Dior is a brand that is in the middle in regards to hardware heaviness. The bag also has small pegs at the bottom to prevent it from getting dirty and prevents the leather from getting scratched. I personally hate it when brands make bags with fragile leather like lambskin and do not contain feet at the base (especially if you end up opting for the real tote and spending 4 expansive), but fortunately the Lady Dior is none of these bags!
To the naked eye, the Christian Dior Bags Price Replica Promenade Clutch Bag and Dior New Lock Pouch are interchangeable. And while they are priced the same and appear to be almost identical, there are a few subtle differences that set them apart. First and foremost, the interior of the Promenade Clutch Bag has contrasting lining while the New Lock Pouch does not. The Dior Promenade Clutch Bag also has cannage stitching from front to back AND on the sides as well as charms dangling from the chain. The Dior New Lock Pouch only has cannage on the front and back. Last but not least, the Dior Promenade Clutch Bag has the chain attachments hidden inside the bag, while the Dior New Lock Pouch has the attachments located on the exterior in plain sight. All in all the differences are few, and it comes down to a matter of chain attachment placement, interior lining, and amount of stitching on the exterior.


Diorissimo Bag

The beloved Diorissimo Bag is undoubtedly a staple of the Dior line. This mid-sized handbag has a slouchy, roomy interior to fit all your essential items and then some. It’s a great everyday bag available in a variety of color combos and materials. What sets this divine piece apart from the rest is the contrasting leather colors, a signature of the Diorissimo Bag. The vivid, contrasting colors are bold and eye-catching, bringing this subtle yet sophisticated accessory to life. Strut with the Diorissimo using the double handles or use the chain for a fab shoulder bag.

Lady Christian Dior Lambskin Bag Replica Or Diorissimo Bag?
The signature Christian Dior Green Bag Replica bags Lady Dior and Diorissimo are so similar that many thought the Diorissimo was simply a revamped version of the Lady Dior; but that’s not the case. While they may look strikingly similar to the eye, they have subtle differences that set them apart. The Lady Dior features the gorgeous and coveted cannage stitching on the interior, while the Diorissimo Bag has smooth, silky leather on the exterior with no design or stitching. The Lady Dior is a lot more ladylike with a square design that’s extremely structured, while the Diorissimo is more laidback and casual with gusset sides that may fold in and a more rectangular shape.


Be Dior Bag

For the lady looking for a cute little bag to see her through her day, consider the Be Dior Bag. This adorable flap bag is small in stature and easy to carry, featuring a flap front and an external pocket in the bag for easy storage. The interior has a small flap pocket that’s kept secure thanks to the front flap clasp. Use it as a trendy clutch or use the removable shoulder strap to wear as a crossbody accessory. Available in a variety of materials and sizes including micro, mini, small, and medium.


Diorama Bag

Introduced in 2015, the Diorama Flap Bag instantly became a huge hit. It features a chic, highly refined square-like design that’s extremely structured and elegant. With an adjustable chain/leather strap, this bag doubles as a clutch or a shoulder bag with ease. The front features a stunning crest-shaped clasp in a lovely silver hue that’s amplified by the variety of colors, designs, and materials this bag is made with. A simply charming bag that’s beautiful AND classy, great for finer occasions.

Dior Seasonal Bags



Dior Open Bar Bag

The new-and-improved version of the Bar Bag was released in 2014, noted as the Dior Open Bar Bag. This luxurious, functional bag has a wider base which allows the tote to fully open for even more storage space. There is also an interior pocket to hold your valuable and an attachable shoulder strap. Includes the beloved and classic DIOR keychain with a fabulous leather enclosure for height of style.


Diorling Shoulder Bag

The Dior Diorling bag is the epitome of femininity and elegance with a soft, minimalist exterior that’s downright dainty. It’s a great choice for evening wear, as it has a lovely feminine chain with matching magnetic clasp to hide your valuable inside. There’s tons of compartments and room inside to hold all your necessities throughout your night on the town.

Dior D-light Bag

Dior D-Light Bag

Dior D-light Bag is the latest from Dior, featuring a contemporary and practical design available in denim or canvas. This roomy accessory comes with flat handles with addition of chain that can be easily adjusted and even folded and tucked away to be used as a handheld bag. With the addition of two button snaps on either side of the bag, you can keep your bag looking tucked in and structured or left roomy and casual with a bit of a slouched look. A very lovely bag that makes an awesome everyday accessory choice.


UltraDior Bag

With an extra-large ‘shopping’ tote design, there’s tons of room in the interior for all of your needs (and some things you don’t need!). Indulge in a unique and larger-than-life style that’s lightweight and comfortable to carry, with a gorgeous chain strap with leather padding and the signature DIOR charms for an added burst of style.


Dior Dune Bag

Probably one of the most unique bags on the market, the Dior Dune Bag is designed with a distinguishable and remarkable sand dune appearance available in a variety of materials like alligator, calfskin, and python. The bottom is rounded with a wide top handle for a very distinct design that sets apart from the crowd. A lovely bag that can be carried by hand, over the shoulder, or even as a cross-body bag.


Dior Bubble Bag

With an exclusive design that’s unique and rare, the Dior Bubble Bag is sure to make a stylish statement wherever it’s worn. It’s a functional bucket bag with a chunky chain that’s posh and modern, while the exterior features bead embellishments, crystals, and even jewelry pieces. Such a stunning, fascinating accessory!

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