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Saint Laurent Trois Clous Tote Bag Wholesale Replica



Yves Saint Laurent is famous for designing and making tote bags. Let’s look at the past, some have gone all the way to the status of iconic – The Saint Laurent Chyc Tote, the Sac de Jour Tote, The Muse Bag and of course the newest Duffle Bags in different sizes.

Who does not love a fantastic bag? I blame the Kookaï satchel trend of 2002 that kick started things off (FUN FACT: I just googled ‘Kookaï satchel 2002’ and a picture of me came up which is definitely my career highlight, but also signifies that I’ve told this ancedote before, so moving on…). Basically I’ve always had a small thing for bags, shoes and coats, which can also be Mark’s flaws. He always approves of some new purchases that is exactly why he’s marriage material. Regardless of the ‘noticed it’ title, I guarantee it is something a little different and slightly more exciting than ones I’ve done before so please have a watch and let me know what you think. For today’s article though I thought I’d provide you more of a detailed review on the appearance, styling and virtually of the tote. I’m covering all bases here…LOOK. Things don’t get more nominal than this. There is very little detailing here with only the two thin, but non-dig-in straps and a removable zipped pouch inside for almost any extras you wish to provide an extra layer of safety also. The tote is a classic tote shape and the leather is soft, but retains it’s shape when it is sat down to a flat surface. Concerning scratching there is just one larger one which I received on the first day of wearing it YAY! But it’s not that deep, nor noticeable to anyone but me. Overall I’d say this is a fairly hardy bag.

And its not a coincidence that they keep producing gorgeous tote bags, they somehow know how to blend it with traditional elements. For example, the Saint Laurent Baby Monogram Cabas Tote Bag that we’ve featured this week, the big golden YSL signature on the front is simply to-die-for.

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Now presenting from the latest Fall Winter 2014 Collection, please meet he new Saint Laurent Trois Clous Tote Bag. A simple bag with a big statement, it’s an everyday bag, perfect for work and the weekends. It’s spacious, with two separate compartments – it can store your Mac Book and above all, it got a shiny elegant studded closure on the front. In fact, there are three studs, one in a pyramid shape in the center, below marks the brand’s signature and it reads gently: ‘Saint Laurent’.

It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and it’s made from durable calf leather. This bag is also available in golden as well as silver hardware, and in different leathers. For those that love shiny things, we’ve found a version in patent.







I have gotten plenty of questions relating to this Saint Laurent wallet on chain in caviar leather, and was waiting to use it more before performing a formal review. Long story short, I am in love with it and find it to be equally beautiful and more importantly, super functional!My Chanel caviar wallet on chain (see my review) is among my top three favorite bags in my entire wardrobe, so I was thrilled to locate a similar practical, convertible purse in a different colour scheme. For all my excursions this season I have been packing this one with me it serves nicely as a cross-body for casual wear (above) and clutch to get more formal occasions (ie. Here), all in one.The leather of this Saint Laurent is a pebbled textured caviar leather that feels sturdy, and is quite easy to wipe clean. I take this bag anywhere and have had a few accidents with food and beverage, but thankfully that which has wiped right off. The interior of the bag has plenty of small details for company, very similar to the interior of the Chanel WOC….There are slots for more than 20 cards, a larger pocket behind the rear row of card slots, another bigger pocket which my lower thumb is holding shut by injury, and a tiny zippered compartment. The string strap is removable and pops on and off. In contrast, the Chanel WOC strap does not come off so I just sip it inside when utilizing it as a clutch. Having the ability to remove it vs. needing to shred in is a good choice to have, when each little bit of interior room is valuable!I usually carry the following inside: telephone, keys, coins, bunch of cards, shades (just case-less or quite slender cases such as the Ray Ban ones will fit), and makeup essentials like eyeliner, lip balm, and concealer.Although the measurement of this Saint Laruent bag is especially bigger at 9″ span x 6″ height, it turns out the Chanel WOC does extend quite a bit in depth and can possibly match the same amount of items.