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April 18, 2018 Comments Off on Saint Laurent Small Monogram Universite Bag Ad Campaign Professional Replica Yves Saint Laurent Replica Bags

Saint Laurent Small Monogram Universite Bag Ad Campaign Professional Replica



Bearing the name of Saint Laurent’s first salons de couture, the Universite Bag is truly a timeless piece. Designed by Hedi Slimane in 2014, it has been added to the classic Monogram Saint Laurent Line.

If you ever consider a boxy shoulder bag, the classic interlocking YSL (though the brand has been renamed to Saint Laurent) signature is crafted in large size on the front. Besides the logo, simplicity plays a big role in the design, available in single colors, made from butterly smooth leather and as durable as a designer bag can get.

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Handbag names are usually pretty boring. Designers frequently select supermodels’ first names, names of famous Manhattan streets (uptown or downtown, based on the manufacturer’s market placement), nonsense words meant to sound exotic or expensive and therefore are distinctive enough return helpful Google results for internet shoppers–mundane stuff. Throughout Slimane’s tenure at Saint Laurent, the brand’s less expensive bags are now incredibly popular with this market because lots of them feature the brand’s iconic logo very prominently. In a few people’s heads, they’re a visual shortcut into trying to fool the world into thinking your Zara outfit is actually Céline.That isn’t entirely fair, of course, but it is enough of an in-joke in the business that seemingly Noted Petty Human Hedi Slimane and his staff could not resist poking at the stereotype. At $995, the new Blogger Bag is the least expensive day bag on the brand’s lineup (beyond gussied-up cosmetic pouches and so on), and it provides just enough leather real estate to get a large ol’ YSL logo, an oversized tassel and not elsewhere. Of course, there is just so much space in a square Instagram crop, and this tote’s little proportions free of the remainder of the space in order for it to be displayed with your brand new Dior Technologic Sunglasses and maybe some latte art.

Notice the ad campaign, notice how easy the bag is, yet the Yves Saint Laurent signature in golden hardware captures our eyes.

Crafted from calfskin leather, presenting the Saint Laurent Monogram University Bag in small size. Measuring 17.5’ x 12 x 7 cm, priced at $1750 USD and 1250 euro’s at Luisa Via Roma e-store.