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April 18, 2018 Comments Off on Saint Laurent Signature Feather Pumps Replica Bags Clearance Yves Saint Laurent Replica Bags

Saint Laurent Signature Feather Pumps Replica Bags Clearance



For the Spring Summer 2017 Runway, Saint Laurent decided not to showcase their handbags for next year. It’s a little bit disappointing, but that’s fine…


However, we did spotted two kinds of shoes that we needed to share because they’re fresh and fabulous.

The first pair, these Saint Laurent Signature Pumps are dangerously attractive. The clever adjustment totally changed the style. You see, the fashion house replaced the heels with the brand’s signature YSL logo.

While the brand is now called ‘Saint Laurent’, the previous name Yves Saint Laurent, which we love so dearly, has actually never been removed. Saint Laurent still uses this name in a few of their fashion accessories.


It’s never a faux pas to add colors to your shoes, but do that with caution. Take these pair of new Feather Pumps from the SS2017 Runway. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

Saint Laurent added a feather-like weapon to these pumps; it’s simple but effective. Each of these feathers is shiny and colorful. And with the combination of black pumps, the feathers are really on the spotlights.




I understand what you all need to be thinking ( I’m crazy for even considering this), but hear me out. Last week, all of you helped me create a very important decision. After writing the post and reading all of your comments, the decision was a no-brainer. I went out and bought the Saint Laurent and then went home that night and started wearing my new bag around my house. After wearing it for a little, I started to notice something.The tote is python-embossed leather, and also the the Saint Laurent representative clarified that the tote is made of calf skin and made to feel as a true python without the possibility of falling scales over time, as may be a problem with real python. I wore the tote crossbody around my property, and because this bag lacks a smooth coating, the tiny hairs of my wool sweater kept getting caught in the “scales” of this bag. Because of that friction, I noticed the “scales” began to lift and bend. I’m nervous if I use delicate blouses, like lace or silk, the bag might cause pulls. I am also worried of the opposite effect–that wearing something of a more coarse material may hurt the delicate bag.I don’t want to fret about what I’m wearing and the repercussions once I wish to carry this bag. Aside from that issue, I really like it, and I would be devastated if the leather frays from constant wear. My primary concern is I want this bag to age nicely, and I am not sure if this end will look the same as it does right now in a year’s time. If you look at the close-up photo below, you can observe a few of the leather mounting. Am I better off exchanging this bag for the croc-embossed texture, which is much smoother and might wear better through the years?














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Pictures courtesy of: Vogue