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January 14, 2016 Comments Off on Top Replica Chanel Classic Quilted Luggage Box Flap Bag Chanel Replica Bags

Top Replica Chanel Classic Quilted Luggage Box Flap Bag

We’ve seen many variations of the replica chanel classic quilted bag – we’ve seen them in drawstring, bucket and even in packaging tray version. But this is something new and I love it.

Chanel Classic Quilted Luggage Box Flap Bag

Everything you’d expect from the chanel classic quilted flap bag replica, it’s all there (we mean the bag on the top of course) – Quilted, CC logo and the Woven Chain strap. The interior is going to be roomy, so it’s certain that you will not be disappointed.

Now for the fun part, Chanel added a luggage box on the bottom of the bag (or a cosmetic case). Though it does make the bag little bit heavier, but isn’t it perfect to use as a travel bag. The extra space will help you add more stuff (if you love this), and not only more stuff but also bigger stuff.


You can carry this bag on your channel classics bags replica or over your shoulder. We do not know the price or the style code. But we do know it’s a new bag from this season, so ask your SA for more information.