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November 2, 2016 Comments Off on Pink Leather Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag Replica Online Fendi Replica Bags

Pink Leather Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag Replica Online

Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag Replica

The first Pink Leather Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag Replica Online was a bag with handles long enough to allow for shoulder carry, but when the Petite 3Jours, with its short, rolled top handles and slightly smaller body, debuted the next season, consumer response to it was even better.

The tailored, well-proportioned angles of this design were practically begging for a mini version, and I, for one, am super psyched it’s finally here. And, it’s a true mini: the existing Fendi Mini 3Jours Bag Replica is 16 inches wide, and this one stands at a petite nine.

I’ve been waiting for a pre-order of the Fendi 3Jours Bag Replica  to hit the Internet ever since I laid eyes on it in the brand’s Resort 2016 lookbook, and yesterday, my (somewhat modest) dreams came true. For $2,450 at Saks, the adorable little bag can be all yours in either December or March, depending on which of the six available colors you choose.

The Fendi Bag Replica  is the latest bag in a line that’s undergone some quick changes since its debut. Perhaps because the Petite 3Jours wasn’t much smaller than the original, the first version of the bag has since been discontinued and what was once the Petite is now just the regular 3Jours. Got all that? (If not, I don’t blame you.)