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New Style Replica Fendi Peekaboo Mini Ostrich Leather Bag

April 23, 2016 Comments Off on New Replica Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bag Online For Sale Fendi Replica Bags

New Replica Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bag Online For Sale

The fendi monster roll bag replica  is very famous in Asia, especially in Japan.We’re spotting more designer handbags with playful ‘Monster Look’ designs lately. It’s just playful and fun. But anyways, we want to introduce to you – the Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bags.

It moves you away from everything we are used to (you know, like single colored handbags) and place you on a world where everything imaginable is possible.

Basically if the angry eyes and the mouth are removed, this is a simple replica fendi roll monster shopping tote  with plenty of spaces in the interior.

Fendi Roll Monster Face Shopping Bag

It’s the bag for the shopping-spree days or even ideal for the holidays. It’s the bag that can be used as a beach bag to store towels, bottle of waters and other beach necessities inside.

The Monster Face shows that you can be playful and perhaps it will scare some people away that you don’t want to talk to. But it can also work the other way, it might be a great conversation starter.

The fake fendi roll monster leather tote  Face Shopping Bag is available in different colors, which one do you like more?

Measuring 11′ x 17.5′ x 5.5′ (H x W x D) inches,Fendi  bag price for sale  at $1208 USD or €950 euro via Luisa Via Roma.