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February 10, 2018 Comments Off on Mulberry To Launch Georgia May Jagger Bag Collection Buying Guide Replica Bags Burberry Replica Bags

Mulberry To Launch Georgia May Jagger Bag Collection Buying Guide Replica Bags



Mick Jagger’s daughter knows a thing or two about fashion, and we’re taking some mental notes this season! Next month, Mulberry will launch some fabulous fashion pieces that they’ve designed alongside Georgia May Jagger, the luxury house’s muse and poster girl for Brit rock ‘n’ roll. Of course, we’re not missing out on the fun – we’re also doing some insider work so we wouldn’t miss out on some juicy deets!

Georgia May is not the type of girl you should mess with, because she knows exactly what she wants when it comes to fashion pieces. With that in mind, she has teamed-up with the luxury house to create a biker jacket that’s truly a joy to wear. She herself has an extensive collection of such, which she has accumulated over the years from vintage stores and other luxe labels. The Mulberry Bags Ebay Usa Replica Georgia May Jagger Biker Jacket is the one to beat – which is made from soft black lambskin leather, with a seriously sexy vintage appeal. Jewel-bright lining gives the piece a pop of color, which is truly Georgia’s style. You wouldn’t want to miss this!


He’s also played with the existing shades — the conventional oak colour is now much richer and darker than before.He’s confident and controlled in his vision for Mulberry. “I want to push the bounds and provide a more contemporary sense of the brand, but keeping all the DNA and authenticity,” he states. “I am not here to completely change it. It’s really important to respect where it comes from.” Keen to not alienate the traditional client, Coca’s Bayswater will sit together with the existing style, and the two will retail for #895 (a new, smaller version are also accessible for #795). Coca has been mindful of cost in this redesign: a few of Mulberry’s current problems were attributed to the decision to reposition the new, then driving up accessories prices, and the company are currently focused on producing bags inside the #500-#900 bracket. “Sometimes people say ‘you know what, I will redesign’, and also the cost is double. It is not right. If you are a fantastic designer and you know what you’re doing, you don’t need to,” he states. “It’s important for Mulberry to be fair about what we produce, the quality and the price. We are not a brand which states we wish to make masses of money” Then again, he’s deadly serious about his aspirations. “I’m not here just to performwith,” he concludes. “I am here to make a success”