Mulberry x Cara Delevingne Own Handbag Line

Mulberry x Cara Delevingne Own Handbag Line Expensive Replica


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Mulberry Bow Wallet Collection Online Safe Replica Bags



There’s no short of amazing, rich, young, British it girls-in-the-making for Mulberry Bag Est 1971 Price Replica to select, but with no permanent CEO and a new creative director to guide the newest in a purposeful direction, expect to see Mulberry turning its wheels for a while, no matter the condition of the global luxury market.Yesterday has been Cara Delevingne’s 22nd birthday, and considering that she’s an international It Girl and supermodel from a well-to-do London family, you would be excused for not understanding exactly what to get her. Mulberry, the brand that enjoys Cara the very most, did not seem quite so stumped; it obtained her an edible Mulberry Cara Delevinge Bag, bathed in dark fondant.In that this post-Cake Boss planet, everything has the potential to be an object that’s also a cake, and handbags, with their normally blocky shapes, are comparative child’s play into the stunt bakers of the world. Nevertheless, this dessert is a particularly excellent example of the genre; even if it initially appeared on Mulberry’s Twitter account, I had to look at it very carefully to be sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me.They weren’t. Mulberry and Delevingne are currently in the middle of a huge publicity tour for the bags, so here’s hoping they appear in shops soon.If you were going to obtain a handbag birthday cake, which bag would you pick?

There are two life-necessities that make a bag perfect, the right phone and the right wallet. Phones are no long the I-call-you and you-call-me device, it has slowly shifted into the world of fashion. Even the designs of laptop have changed. Nokia 206 with one free ringtone? No please, I think the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy fits much better in my purse. And when it comes to wallets, do not only consider the functionalities, people expect you to pull something elegant out your classic bag. How does the newest Mulberry Bow wallet collection sound?

A luxuriously handcrafted bag deserves a timeless wallet. The Bow long continental wallet is made for the girl who loves to carry cash, coins and a lot of cards. And if you are the usual neat and tidy person, who loves to organize, well then you are going to love this. Mulberry has built in a lot of compartments; starting at the back pocket, the coin pocket on the interior, two slots for notes/receipts and it has space for 12 cards.

The Bow French wallet has the exact same luxury, but it’s more compact. And that’s fine, a small wallet looks prettier on a smaller bag, don’t you think so too? Both wallets available at Mulberry Bags Selfridges Replica e-store for $500 (long continental wallet) and $470 (french wallet)