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February 10, 2018 Comments Off on Mulberry Bayswater Backpacks Replica Handbags Lowest Price Mulberry Replica Bags

Mulberry Bayswater Backpacks Replica Handbags Lowest Price



Each designer brand has one or more signature handbag that stands-out from the rest; the Bayswater is Mulberry’s version. Launched in 2003, the Bayswater was an instant-hit and it’s still one of the best selling bags in the world today. It’s practical, durable and functional in every way, and it’s even adorned by many Celebrities – let me recall Emma Hill, the Creative Director’s statement to imply it’s popularity: ‘I have a Bayswater, my son’s grandmother has a Bayswater, Kate Moss has a Bayswater’. And today the fashion house has decided to extend the Bayswater collection by introducing the backpack edition.


The Bayswater remain an iconic bag partly because it’s still made in the same factory that Mulberry started back in 1971 – in Somerset. Since its first release, the Bayswater is still made in the United Kingdom. The design is a mixture of traditional English doctor’s bag with an elegant structure of Hermes’s classic design. The latest Bayswater Backpack features the same signature components.

Introduced in single colors, the Bayswater Backpack is made with the famous round-shaped postman’s lock with the house’s name marked on it. It comes with a top handle and a front flap, exactly the same as the original version. On the back it features long leather straps for back carry. However, you can also convert it into a tote bag by hiding those long leather straps and using the handles.

These designs are simple but timeless. The Bayswater is also known as durable handbags and they’re ideal to use as an everyday bag. With its streamlined body that holds shape, this bag is perfect for any occasions.

Updating a longtime fan favorite to increase its longevity is a futile pursuit, but if done properly, it frees brand new life into a bag. Case in point: Givenchy’s pitch-perfect reimagining of the Nightingale bag last fall. Together with the new Bayswater, Coca and his staff have taken a similar approach as Givenchy: equipping the tote’s finishing while keeping its overall shape. The new version of the bag can be a little more ordered, with flared gussets and sharper corners. It feels like a good, if very controlled, development into the original.If you like the old-style Bayswater, the good news is it seems as though it will be sticking around for the immediate future. Mulberry lists equally as readily available for Pre-Fall 2016, using the full size brand new version retailing for $1,550, while the first will set you back $1,395. The redesigned Bayswater also comes at a more petite option, which costs $1,250. Not only was poaching Céline’s head of accessories the sort of buzz-worthy move Mulberry required as a way to bring some favorable attention to the ailing new, but the designer attracted significant handbag chops with him. Coca’s very first pair of Mulberry runway totes, that surfaced over the weekend in London, are, in many ways, what the brand needed to divert both the industry’s chattering class and the brand’s shoppers from the uncertainty of the past few years.There’s a whole lot of their most wearable sections of Céline in those bags, but unlike so many brands who have simply tried to recreate the magic of its luxurious, woman-focused minimalism, Mulberry went out and hired the guy who pioneered that look in Céline’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, jewellery and tiny accessories. It’s a move that is paid off, and if those totes finally sell at a price point that’s more in line with Mulberry’s prices prior to the firm hired a CEO from Hermès, costs skyrocketed and everything moved sideways, I can see a great deal of fans returning into the brand, in addition to new clients purchasing Mulberry for the first time.


The interior features one large compartment to store all your essentials. It can also carry a bit more heavy stuff like your laptop. It’s also made with a small zip pocket to secure your important things like cash or credit cards. Measuring 27 x 28.5 x 18 cm (H x W x D), priced at $1295 USD, €1195 euro, £ 995 GBP via Mulberry boutiques.








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