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October 26, 2015 Comments Off on Replica Hermes Scarf Knotting Tips and Tricks Bags for sale Hermes Replica Bags

Replica Hermes Scarf Knotting Tips and Tricks Bags for sale

I found that the cotton ones were easiest to work with but I like the way the silk replica hermes bags hang better. The style above may be done by folding your scarf diagonally (2 inch thickness), then tie a knot on the handle– keeping one side four inches longer than the other, pull through a single bow instead of two and voila, instant chic-ness. See more styles after the jump!

I meant to post this last week but with our server down for two days, I completely forgot! So here it is, my favorite ways to tie and knot scarves on bags. The blue jean birkin above is tied with a limited edition cotton Hermes scarf.

Hermes Scarf Knotting Tips and Tricks


I folded the silk scarf above straight across (2 inch thickness), tied a knot, left one side a couple of inches longer, and pulled through a single bow as the one above. This is nice for the Lindy because it’s a shorter bag and you don’t want too long of ends dangling about.

For days when I’m feeling girly and silly, I tie a regular double bow with a replica hermes birkin scarf. I love twilly scarves for bags because they’re already the perfect width and easy to tie. The right side is a single bow achieved with the same instructions above.

I generally do not tie any scarves on my exotic birkins because why compete with the replica hermes birkin handbag details in croc and ostrich with a hundred dollar scarf!?!? But I tied this on to show you how great an orange bag looks with a pink multi colored scarf. I love contrasting colors, pink and orange really looks fantastic together!
Hermes Scarf Knotting Tips and Tricks
The same may be achieved with a Kelly bag (I didn’t have time to do the Kelly photos but will load it up another time) or any other bags in your closet! You can pull out an outdated bag, throw on a scarf in the color of the season, and you’ll look stylish and current! And it doesn’t have to be an Hermes scarf, either. Any scarf will do, I am just an Hermes addict.