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March 23, 2018 Comments Off on Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet Expensive Replica Dior Replica Bags

Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet Expensive Replica



The perfect pair – Diorissimo Tote Bag with the Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet.

A minimalistic design, yet we can see that it’s build by high-skilled craftsmen. It’s a fine-looking fashion piece – spacious and combined with elegance and practicality.

Feel the grain when you touch it; it’s made from exquisite bull-calf leather. Though the leather is strong and durable, you want to keep it safe and far away from scratches and dirt.

The black Diorissimo Voyageur Wallet is a unique model because of the contrast between black exterior and rose Indien interior. The ‘Christian Christian Dior Bags In Paris Replica Paris’ signature is written in the inside, which is also quite unique.

The interior features 2 gusset compartments, 2 flat pockets and 12 credit card slots. The bag opens and closes with a zipper and it also comes with a smaller-version of the iconic DIOR charm.

Refined with fine light gold jewelry, measuring 21 x 11.5 cm, priced at £590 GBP and €650 euro via DIOR boutique.


I paid to get a counter quality replica which means that the tote is as near to the real deal as possible — in case you’ve been reading the blog previously you know I do not like to mess around with bad fakes — they’re a waste of money in my view & I’m purchasing the bag to continue so long as the original so I just shop for the best. The qualities of this specific bag that make it counter quality include the caliber, the hardware quality, the stitching, the inside of the bag, and the general feel of this bag. I shall go into detail about all those details under:The leather of the bag is genuine lambskin leather and I must tell you it is uber supple. Genuine lambskin leather ought to have a super buttery feel and the leather on this bag gets a big pass in regards to this criteria. The leather is very similar to the Chanel classic flap string which should likewise be super butter-y. If you purchase a bad fake with imitation leather that will ruin the entire look of the tote as the quality of the leather will be visible from a mile away.Good quality hardware should be as thick as the first. Some brands have milder hardware while others have a heavier hardware. Dior is a new that’s in the middle in regards to hardware heaviness. The charms are somewhat heavier than the zipper and handles, but complete that the there is a good weight to the hardware on this bag. The tote also has little pegs at the base to prevent it from getting dirty and also prevents the leather from getting scratched. I personally hate it when manufacturers make bags with fragile leather like lambskin and don’t contain feet in the base (especially if you wind up opting for the true bag and spending 4 grand), but luckily the Lady Dior is none of these bags!