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March 23, 2018 Comments Off on Dior x Marc Quinn Dior Lady Art Bag Collection Essentials Replica Handbags Dior Replica Bags

Dior x Marc Quinn Dior Lady Art Bag Collection Essentials Replica Handbags



Imagine a collaboration between high-end fashion label Christian Christian Dior Travel Bag Replica and London-based contemporary artist Marc Quinn and you’ll definitely come up with an idea of a fabulous and hard-to-find fashion pieces. It’s the next best thing, much like the big bang theory thereby producing the beauty of the milky way and yes, the same can be said of this Dior x Marc Quinn Lady Dior Art Bag Collection. Fancy and beautiful, isn’t it?

Be the eye of envy with these artistic and one-of-a-kind limited edition Lady Dior Bag collection. Quinn has an undeniable eye on aesthetically pleasing color combinations and prints thus coming up with never-before-seen imaginative interpretation of the Lady Dior Bag.

Time to round 2 of my summertime hall ’17 reviews! This time I will be reviewing the Lady Christian Dior Handbags Ebay Replica bag I purchased. The Lady Dior tote a part of Dior’s classic classics series, and I am sure we could all concur that the history, architecture, and appearance of the bag all certainly support this. Interesting reality — do you know why the Lady Dior bag is called the Lady Dior tote? Well after doing some snooping I found out it had been named after none other than Lady Di herself — a.k.a the late Princess of Wales, Diana. So if you’re already fortunate enough to own one of those bags then today you understand your bag is steeped in a bit of royal background. And for people who have been coveting the bag — in other words dying to get one — it only gives you an extra reason to move it up in your wishlist!I myself might certainly see why Princess Diana loved the tote. It’s a regal character for it and I believe it could make the least complicated of gals — myself included — seem a bit more elegant by wearing this look. As you can tell from the montage above, Princess Diana was obsessed with the bag and had the black colour in every size and leather! As soon as I decided to find the tote I obviously floated towards picking black myself so hey I guess Lady Di and I’ve got something in common in regards to gravitating towards black accessories! Anyways jokes aside I chose to go to the Lady Dior in the first size in black lambskin (not the miniature or the big) with gold hardware. I love the look of silver hardware onto a Lady Dior too, but for some reason felt that the black really popped out from the black and I fell in love with the look. The original a.k.a authentic variant of the bag retails for approximately $4,100 USD while I got mine for under a 1/10 of that at roughly $400 USD.

These bags are priced around $5800 USD and available via Dior boutiques.

Reinventing a classic might be a tough job, especially if it already garnered a number of bag-aholic fan base but with this new collaboration, we are pretty keen that these contemporary Are Christian Dior Bags Made In Italy Replica Lady Art Bags will get sold out like hot pan cakes once they’re out in the market.






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