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March 23, 2018 Comments Off on Dior Cruise 2015 Bag Collection Preview Genuine Leather Replica Dior Replica Bags

Dior Cruise 2015 Bag Collection Preview Genuine Leather Replica



Dior is the land of grown-up fairytale, their bags (and accessories) are made for the queens and princesses – sublime, chic, elegant, simple, but crafted in the highest form of sophistication, we love the iconic cannage stitching.

And because we are in the middle of the summer, Christian Dior Handbags Bergdorf Replica likes to remind us to ‘not overspend our budget’ and to leave some for their Cruise 2015 Collection. That’s basically what they are communicating when showing up with new and classic bags that are absolutely to-die-for.

While more pictures and details are coming up, we want to highlight ‘the best of the best’ first, you know, just our usual thing.


Pay special attention to the Lady Dior Mini Tote that Rihanna is holding, it’s embellished in multicolor floral print, a Dior style that we’ve never seen before. (Oh yes, Rihanna, your pink dress is beautiful!)


Then for the casual moments, the Diorissimo Canvas Tote embossed with the signature: ‘Christian Dior Couture, 30 AV. Montaigne Paris’. YES, I love Paris.

By the way, did you know that the Diorissimo is almost as popular as the Lady Christian Dior Bags Collection Replica Tote? It’s one of the most coveted because it’s stylish, roomy and practical.


My eyes couldn’t get of the new white Dior Tote Bag with Flap, we belief it’s the smallest version of the Diorissimo, but the plain white is perfect for the winter. One please!

There you go, a sneak peek on the Christian Dior Bag Thailand Replica Cruise 2015 collection, more pictures will be published soon and of course, information. Do not forget to like our Facebook page and get the latest updates.



Maria Grazia Chiuri is one of the very few female designers to make a style made (and made) for today’s women. Chiuri conveys herself obviously, since it’s in her character and she has never concealed to become an active feminist and an activist, a firm believer of sex equality because many women before fought. This Christian Dior Bags 2015 Replica Autumn-Winter 18-19 collection is devoted to them as well as the new generations who may one day benefit from these conflicts and have exactly the very same rights as men. Chiuri starts from 1968, a significant year not only for society, but also style. To do so, the designer drew in the writings of the Maison, its own heritage and history and found black and white images of feminists immortalized facing the Dior boutique asking for shorter skirts, photographs of the first Miss Dior boutique which indicated the change from high fashion to pret-a-porter, covers of Vogue America expressing a change, decreeing the end and the start of a new era. A period of profound alterations, fervent creativity and ideas, exactly like the one we are experiencing today, where net and social networks rule. The private and individual style of 1968, for Dior, becomes only a pretext to create a very contemporary and beautiful collection of patchwork coats, hand-embroidered crochet minidresses, custom-made inspired devoré lace suits, tulle kilts and vintage print dresses. Here are the new uniforms for all of the Millennials who love Dior classic luxury.

Pictures courtesy of: Instagram fashionistaspots, rorina1, aguevarap, lacleprivee, julisinios