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March 15, 2016 Comments Off on Top Quality Chanel Vanity Pouch Case For Sale Chanel Replica Bags

Top Quality Chanel Vanity Pouch Case For Sale

In 2014, when Chanel released a full-option chanel vanity case replica with front-pocket, leather handles and shoulder strap, we talked expensively about the history, you can read more here: Chanel Vanity Case and History.

Chanel has been making vanity cases for a long time, so should we consider it as a ‘classic’ item, we do think so… You can easily purchases a vintage Vanity Case at a pre-owned store.

Chanel Vanity Pouch

Replica chanel small vanity case
Style code: A80912
Size: 5.9’ x 8.3’ x 5.5’ inches
Price: €1400 euro

But the latest version of the chanel vanity case 2016 replica  is eye-catching and a must have. Though it’s designed for the evenings, you can also use it for other occasions. And it also makes you proud to own one.

Chanel Vanity Pouch

Chanel Large Vanity Pouch
Style code: A80913
Size: 7.1’ x 9.4’ x 6.3’ inches
Price: €1600 euro

Or perhaps its time to change your cosmetic pouch (hint)…

The Chanel Vanity Pouch comes in two sizes; small and large. They’re made from super-soft lambskin, so they’re fragile but luxurious. The interior features a couple of small pockets, but generally one large space to store everything-you-need. And the bag opens with double zipper on the front.

Oh and of course, the bag is quilted… here are the details: