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Top Replica Chanel Classic Quilted Luggage Box Flap Bag

December 22, 2015 Comments Off on Replica chanel double flap bag black leather replica Chanel Replica Bags

Replica chanel double flap bag black leather replica

I would chanel double flap bag replica countless number of YouTube videos, read through hundreds of threads and browse through hundreds of Google images. The price of a medium Chanel Flap bag has increased from $2,600 in early 2011 to $4,900 currently (88% increase). I considered purchasing the bag using my summer internship earnings but decided the price tag of $2,600 was crazy. Now five years later, I still constantly ask myself “should I buy the bag”?The Chanel Classic Flap has been the bag I have been wanting for almost five years now. To say I want the bag might be an understatement. Around twice a year, I would go through a chanel jumbo flap bag replica  feverish period where I would seriously contemplate about purchasing the bag.

Chanel Classic Flap (Chanel 2.55)


The most popular advice is if you want a Chanel then just go and buy it now. The advice makes sense and certainly would have saved me thousands of dollars; I think you should also consider whether the timing is right. In my opinion, although you may have the money for a Chanel it does not mean you should buy one. Whether you should buy a replica chanel jumbo flap bag lambskin is relative to how much savings you have and what other obligations you have. To spend $5K on a bag is different to someone with $10K in savings vs. someone with $200K in savings. It is also different for someone with no financial obligations vs. someone with a mortgage, children and other loans. In general it makes sense to buy a designer bag as soon as possible before ridiculous price increases; however, you should feel 100% comfortable spending that much cash.


Chanel Classic Flap (Chanel 2.55)