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October 17, 2016 Comments Off on Best Fendi Baguette Whipstitch Leather Shoulder Bag Replica Sale Fendi Replica Bags

Best Fendi Baguette Whipstitch Leather Shoulder Bag Replica Sale

Fendi Baguette Whipstitch Bag

I had my hands on one of the newer versions in the past few weeks and fell in love.The Best Fendi Baguette Whipstitch Leather Shoulder Bag Replica can easily be considered one of the most iconic bags of the modern handbag era; it started out among fashion people and crescendoed with Carrie Bradshaw and the many versions she carried on Sex and the City.

The 2Jours, the 3Jours, the fun charms, the  Fendi Baguette Whipstitch Replica  and, of course, the classics–Fendi finds a way to make it all feel new every season, with new embellishments, themes and sizes. I, personally, like this approach. Stick with the bags doing really well for you, update them often, and then offer a new silhouette every so often to keep your lineup fresh: it’s a great brand strategy.As many of you know, I’ve had a Fendi thing for a while now.

Keeping in line with what many bag designers are moving toward, the guitar shoulder strap is removable and the sample Fendi sent me to play with had a matching whipstitch shoulder strap, which really makes the bag pop.The fendi baguette replica pairs the expected shape with an added whipstitch trim touch. The best part: Fendi has a plethora of strap options (some of my favorite are here, here, here, here and here) so you can customize your bag any way your heart desires.

This is just a super cool version of the fendi replica bag  that doesn’t need to be carried only at night or with a nicer outfit; it’s ready for daily use and that’s exactly why I love it so much. I love the length of the shoulder strap, and because the bag is a bit more compact, it’s lightweight.As for the bag itself, the FF buckle stands front and center and obscures a snap closure, and the interior has fabric lining and one zip pocket.