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April 18, 2018 Comments Off on A Closer Look: Yves Saint Laurent Love Heart Chain Bag Buying Guide Replica Bags Yves Saint Laurent Replica Bags

A Closer Look: Yves Saint Laurent Love Heart Chain Bag Buying Guide Replica Bags



A thing of beauty, that’s what the Yves Saint Laurent Bags France Replica Love Heart Chain Bag is all about. Being an eye-catcher and a darling bag, taking this cutie bag while you’re out on a date or partying the night away with your girlfriends will absolutely make you the center of everyone’s attention and in a good way, of course. We mean, come on, who on earth wouldn’t want to have this bag on her shoulders anyway?

We’ve previously featured this bag before but we believe it deserves a second post and this time around we’re going to take a closer look at this superstar bag.

First things first would be its outside appearance. Yes, that’s what we instantly notice in a bag, right? What made our hearts jump for joy about this beauty is the matelassé stitching that looks absolutely divine! Then its fixed leather and metal chain shoulder strap added more definition to it making it all the more appealing.

And of course, the icing on top would probably be the metal interlocking YSL logo placed in the center. Measuring 6.4′ x 6.4′ x 1.8′ inches and is priced from $895 USD to $1250 USD via Saint Laurent boutiques.

With that in mind, will you miss Slimane’s strategy at Saint Laurent, or are you ready for some thing new?Saint Laurent is definitely one of the brands receiving its luggage directly. The Sac de Jour tote which I found myself loving is highly sought after and I continue to see a lot of people carrying one of the many renditions of shoulder totes together with the YSL logo.I locate a shoulder bag that’s just large enough to fit everything for everyday use to be key for my handbag collection as it transitions from day to day easily. I clearly have a penchant for Saint Laurent croc bags (I still want that one) and ran into the Saint Laurent Monogramme Croc-Effect Shoulder Bag and found myself drawn to it as well.This is really the bag our editor Katherine has and she loves it. You helped her decide on this version instead of the python version and I’m creating two appearances about this one bag. Look one is all about comfy and casual while appearance two is a blast from the past. Check out both appearances and the tote below!I’m often critical of Saint Laurent beneath Hedi Slimane, but the guy has an undeniable knack for specific items. To me, his selections frequently feel cobbled together of riffs on pieces additional labels have found cool-girl success with, such as Chelsea boots and leather coats marked up till they feel rarified, but that strategy does turn out a lot of pieces that are enviable on their own. This week, the bit that has caught my eye is the embossed snake edition of the Saint Laurent Monogramme Mini Shoulder Bag.






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